Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Cloud-Based Backup and Paradigm Shift in Businesses

Losing data is a disaster for companies. Cloud-based backup keeps data safe. The fact that data can be accessed from any location across the globe is also a major advantage of using this form of storage.

Data storage is important nowadays considering that huge amount of information that is stored in different mediums all of which need to be individually protected. Businesses experience the advantage of using cloud based backup with fewer obstacles in their businesses and better solutions all by simply using cloud computing.

Collaboration becomes smooth and seamless with cloud computing. When all the data is based on the cloud, you can access them at any time and share them for your business requirements. Without the cloud, team members can work on a single document at a time and sending them back through e-mail takes up a lot of time.

While large businesses have secondary storage options to protect data, small companies are still at risk of losing their data without cloud-based backup systems, however, with cloud-based backup, smaller companies have gained a competitive edge over the large organizations and it works securing their data in times of disaster when loss of significant data becomes can be disastrous.

Scores of data is stolen every day and businesses have tried taking serious steps to prevent data theft. However, cloud-based system help manage huge volumes of data with a well-organized approach, ensuring that data is only accessible to those with the required permissions. Thus, when you have a password for your data, you have the opportunity of maximum security that helps in maintaining data with a protective approach.

Whether it is about controlling the documents, an environment-friendly approach or  the convenience of updating softwares in systems that used to take hours before, cloud based computing has brought positive changes when it comes to data management and security.


Cloud-Based Backup Is ACost Effective Approach to Your Business

There are many companies in the industry that deal with sensitive files and information every day. Thus, a method of storing this information must also be such that it is away from any physical interruptions and calamities. The cloud-based backup is hence, chosen by many to get its benefits and run their businesses smoothly.

It is not only the business owners, but there are also many homeowners that are applying these services to secure their personal data from critical situations and risks. Protecting your operational assets is now an easy thing to do as the cloud services act as insurance to those relevant documents that are stored in it.

As the files will be well protected, there are fewer chances that your management will be at risk when chances are high. However, you think that why do you need a backup for your files and documents when you can easily store it in internet or desktops.

Then, the answer lies in a situation when your physical properties will be hit by any natural calamity, then, all your vital information will be destroyed like anything else. On the contrary, cloud-based backup will protect the data when everything else is on the verge of elimination or is already destroyed.

You can never say when or how the natural calamities will affect you, so choosing some of the best plans for backup are the ideal thing to do when you want your business stay unaffected from any unforeseen incidents. You can keep yourself away from a significant loss that you will incur if the calamities get in touch with your valuable data.

Hiring a professional for getting this service will also let you enjoy it based on your geographical location. You will get to enjoy the customized replication services depending on the type of system that you are looking for to get the files during disasters.

Cloud Services Provider Is Providing New Solution to the Users

Internet is the call of the age, and with that, entrepreneurs are also looking for options to utilize this platform in different ways so that managing and storing of files and documents becomes easy. That is why cloud services provider is gaining relevance in the market to help the users solve their respective problems.

The industry is not in the past anymore where people will have to run several software and applications and download the files to their physical computer. But on the other hand, with cloud technology, users can get access to such applications throughout the internet.

Some of the basic examples of how cloud technology has taken over most of the work is like checking the bank balance on mobile phone and updating your social networking site. This system is helping the small as well as the large businesses to simplify their workload. The cloud technology is the future of business as per the latest study.

And due to this factor cloud services provider is ideal for your business if it experiences fluctuating bandwidth in demand. In case you need to increase the capacity, it will be possible through cloud services providers as they will scale up the capacity to accommodate the growth in workload.

It is only the services providers from whom you are going to get cloud-based backup services for managing emergency services and disastrous situations like natural calamity and accidents and comes without your knowledge. There are also options for you like choosing the private cloud or public cloud for carrying out with the job.

And as competition is becoming stringent, that is why business owners and entrepreneurs are finding new ways to give an edge to their businesses to optimize the profitability and stay ahead of the competition. There are endless opportunities with this technology when you are employing it in business.

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Cloud Services Provider for the Benefits of Recovery

Financial matters remain a concern for every company whether it is big, small or medium. Keeping physical records is now a thing of the past as cloud services provider can be hired for maintaining the safety and security of the confidential data. Not only will it allow you to reduce the costs but make your business better than ever.

Making data more manageable has now become possible with the help of cloud computing tools. Saving the efforts of an in-house team will help you reduce multiple hassles and allow you to focus on the core business tasks. You have to hire the services of a reliable company that has the skills of managing your data in an effective manner.

Desk work is not applicable in the modern day world as maintaining the physical records. However, data can be accessed at any location with the help of servers that are used for storing huge amounts of data. However, care has to be taken as data accessibility can turn out to be disastrous when too many people are engaged in this task. Ideally the data in cloud is protected by a password.

With the help of a cloud services provider, flexible work can be expected as cloud computing is entirely based on the internet. The blazing speed of this latest technology has opened new avenues for companies that were depending on physical data until now. However, choosing a reliable service provider becomes essential for handling multiple data.

If you are wondering whether your data is safe and secure in cloud or not, you have to change your thoughts. The availability of cloud-based backup can help you get all your data at any point of time even if there is a major problem in your office system. However, you need staff with special skills for managing your data in an effective manner.

With the help of cloud-based disaster recovery, data can be recovered at any time. The availability of data at any time and the technology that allows businesses to access this data from any location can make your business stand out among the competitors.

A Message for Our Partners

Welcome to our Partner resource pages, and thank you for being an ATScloud Partner!

Please feel free to borrow from these posts to edit and include in your company’s blogs and newsletters.  We welcome your comments and suggestions for new/different topics.

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ATScloud Selected by ExaGrid Systems, Inc. to Deliver Secure BDRcloud Solutions Nationwide

ATScloud, a leading innovator and provider of hybrid-cloud services has been selected by ExaGrid Systems, the leader in scalable disk-based back-up solutions with data deduplication, as its strategic partner in delivering cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This strategic partnership offers ExaGrid and ATScloud customers throughout the United States a true, secure-BDRcloud solution. New and existing ExaGrid customers now have the option to replicate their backup data to ATScloud, reducing or eliminating the need to vault tapes off-site for disaster protection.

This new collaboration, leveraging respective strengths and engineering expertise from both organizations, is a strong fit with market needs and is expected to spark immediate attention from ATScloud’s MSP partners and ExaGrid’s VARs due to the growing market demand for a scalable, secure cloud-based Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution. This breakthrough solution and partnership extends the award-winning ExaGrid disk- based deduplication capabilities to the cloud, providing distinctive benefits including:

  1. Advanced options for DR audit and rapid recovery of backup data in the event of a disaster,
  2. Flexibility to pay for only what is used, avoiding the need to overbuy capacity,
  3. Ability to add or remove capacity quickly as needs dictate; and
  4. No up-front capital costs for off-site storage of backup data for DR.

“Our announcement with industry leader ExaGrid is another solid step in our journey to build on our secure hybrid-cloud infrastructure and become a leader in the BDRcloud era,” said Steve Willard, ATScloud EVP Business Development. “This partnership will help us strengthen and anchor our BDRcloud solution for our dedicated MSP partners. ExaGrid is the perfect partner to help us fully realize and service the BDRcloud opportunities in the short and long term.”

Housed in a Tier 4 Data Center, the industry’s first comprehensive secure BDRcloud solution provides customers the best of both worlds: Significantly reducing the requirement for off-site storage of backup tapes while creating new deployment options for off-site, disk-based storage of backups.

Marc Crespi, ExaGrid VP, said, “The relationship with ATScloud represents a powerful opportunity for ExaGrid to significantly expand its presence throughout the United States, and extend it to other parts of the world over time. ATScloud has clearly demonstrated its ability to apply its considerable resources and expertise to not only enter the DRasS market, but to lead in it. We’re excited to partner with ATScloud as we focus our combined energies serving a broader range of customers with industry-leading backup and recovery solutions.”

About ExaGrid Systems, Inc.:

ExaGrid offers the only disk-based backup appliance with data deduplication, purpose-built for backup that leverages a unique architecture optimized for performance, scalability and price. ExaGrid is the only solution that combines compute with capacity and a unique landing zone to permanently shorten backup windows, eliminate expensive forklift upgrades, achieve the fastest full system restores and tape copies, and rapidly restore files, VMs and objects in minutes. With offices and distribution worldwide, ExaGrid has more than 5,200 systems installed at more than 1,600 customers, and more than 320 published customer success stories.


ATScloud enables customers and partners to scale up by providing hybrid-cloud solutions optimized to their business needs. The company offers the unique integration of enterprise-class infrastructure, a comprehensive cloud platform, unmatched expertise in hybrid-cloud design and the first comprehensive hybrid-cloud security suite. All of these elements unite under one roof with ATScloud, enabling clients to enjoy Fortune 500-caliber IT functionality without the upfront investment of infrastructure and internal staffing. Find more information at