Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Cloud Services Provider Utility to Modern Business Operations

Today, in this world of dynamic business operations, business entities are taking the able assistance of cloud services provider in their everyday functions of businesses to achieve streamlined excellence and provide a user centric model to their consumers in best proportions. They provide their solutions that meet the specific business requirements in all aspects.

One of the critical aspects of running business today is adhering to the best practices of technology that allows the businesses to offer services in a cohesive fashion with an engagement model that paves the way for renewable relationships. The right companies today invest considerably in cloud solutions that allows them to achieve coherence in their business models increasing flexibility and performance in all accounts.

Another important attribute that needs to be mentioned with these service provider is their consultative nature of services that understands the business priorities and the diverse functions. They provide the plethora of solutions with a structured mindset in place meeting the tailor made requirements of their clients in all proportions with a quality centric methodology in place.

The best part of cloud services provider is their best in class infrastructure and specialized skill set in place. They have experience working with different industries like healthcare, finance companies as well as governmental and legal institutes. They have a composite culture in place that allows them to provide the right solution to their consumers.

There are also provisions of cloud-based backup and solutions of storage that helps the businesses maintain and secure their data and set of information in a timely fashion. It provides businesses leeway in decreasing their cost and budgetary constraints. The solutions help the companies in maintaining their information in a virtual server which is restored as and when required during the up gradation process.

During the cloud-based disaster recovery the solution providers helps in maintaining of business continuity in spite of a natural calamity or power outage with the provision of virtual DR systems in place. The RTO as well as RPO is managed flexibly with comprehensive testing in place without having any disturbance to the production facilities.


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ATScloud looking for MSPs interested in having their own cloud offering

Autotask_2014Autotask Community Live! is the live-and-in-person version of the Autotask Online Community. This event is the largest gathering of Autotask customers and partners across the globe with opportunities to network, share best practices, and to attend sessions, panel discussions and interactive forums conducted by Autotask employees and Autotask MVPs.

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Cloud Services Provider: Integrating Your Enterprise Operations

The cloud computing solutions help enterprises reduce and manage the size of their data centers. As the most desired result, they save considerable amounts of IT costs, which happen to be a major boost for their enterprise growth. However, for reaping the benefits of a highly functional cloud-based business solution, it is imperative to associate with the leading cloud services provider in the market.

Other than profound expertise, they have a perfect understanding of your specific requirements. What you will achieve as the consequence is scalable and flexible cloud-based solutions for your business. Additionally, they will find out the various avenues that require this solution.

A major aspect that separates the best service providers from the rest of the crowd is their secured solutions. Quite contrary to the solutions offered by average service providers, the most reliable cloud solutions provider will build your solutions on private cloud-based architecture. As the most desired consequence, users can enjoy secured access to their systems.

While looking for the top cloud services provider in market, you will surely come across quite a few options. Associate with the ones maintaining maximum uptime. And that will only be achievable if you plan your associations with the best service providers. Not only will they help you develop an idea of the need for cloud solutions, but also provide you a pristine clear picture on the cloud ROIs for your business.

Crucial data loss is amongst the most potential threats for every enterprise. Therefore, there is always a need for ensuring perfect backup of the virtual server. None other than the top IT solutions providers will be capable of offering the best cloud-based backup services.

At times, enterprises might have to bear the brunt of natural or other disasters. During those times, it is your enterprise data center or critical systems that remain at stake. Effective cloud-based disaster recovery services by ingenious experts can offer the best solution, in this context.

Cloud-Based Backup Is An Excellent Solution To Disaster Recovery

Basic guard against data contamination and disaster is backing up of data. Imagine the loss if the entire work center is inundated or engulfed in fire. Previously, the solution to this was the offsite backup. But, there was a limit to it, as you need to consider what happens if the entire area is devastated by an earthquake. So, the current solution is cloud-based backup.

The beauty of the cloud-based solution is that the data thus backed up is highly secure. The cloud platform takes data security as an integral part of their service. The reason is obvious the user must be convinced that his data is fully secured and virgin during streaming, storing and in the case of retrieval.

The only problem with a cloud-based solution is that it needs an internet connection to operate, and, therefore, bandwidth is an important and guiding principle for selecting an appropriate solution. There are different types of cloud based backup solutions available, and one is the hybrid cloud. The hybrid solution is an onsite backup with a copy to the cloud.

The backup can also be cloud to cloud. In cloud to cloud backup, data stored in one cloud is backed up in another one. It is a kind of multiple redundancy. Normally cloud-based backup comes with cloud based client applications, and it automatically compresses, encrypts and stores the data while bundling with the package. But, now there are companies offering scalable solutions

There are many options for disaster recovery management. For instance, if the primary system is in the cloud and then the end user can get a replication of the virtual machines at a different geographical location. Each solution has its merit, and it is on the customer to decide what suits him the best. There are different cloud-based disaster recovery scenarios.

The cloud-based solution is best for the small and medium size entrepreneurs. There are many cloud services provider now. At the time of selection, it is required to be seen that the cost of implementation, disaster recovery of solutions of the service provider and the system requirements. Another prime aspect is to verify the security system of the service provider to ensure the data theft.

ATScloud Selected as Cloud Services Supplier for the State of Texas Cooperative Contracts Program

Program offers cost-effective alternative to traditional enterprise IT infrastructure and reduces capital costs for state-wide agencies ATScloud announced today it has signed a cloud services agreement with the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).  DIR’s Cooperative (Co-op) Contracts programis a streamlined cooperative purchasing program for state and local government, public education, and other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. In fiscal year 2013, this program resulted in $1.796 billion in purchases and $300 million in taxpayer savings1.

Under the terms of the agreement, ATScloud will provide abroad range of cloud solutions based on its secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service portfolio that offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional enterprise IT infrastructure.

The ATScloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering provides Texas agencies with solutions that are configurable and have the ability to scale up or down based on demand. This means you only pay for the resources you use. This flexibility allows for agencies to increase resources and more accurately predict budgets for equipment and services.

“ATScloud is one of the few cloud providers that has an executed contract so far, based on DIR’s stringent evaluation process, and we are proud of this achievement”, said Steve Levine, President of ATScloud. The portfolio of solutions which can be implemented based on ATScloud IaaS include cloud backup and disaster recovery, cloud archival and desktop virtualization. Security and diverse compliance needs can be addressed based on the enterprise-level infrastructure and the expertise accumulated over years in working with large corporations as well as our valued partners.

“The ATScloud contract with DIR will save time and costs for purchasers, as the selected cloud vendors have already been vetted for their ability to meet delivery, and pre-negotiated for competitive price and service level expectations,” said Alex Shapira, COO at ATScloud. “The new cloud services offering will increase resources for state agencies, and provide agility and customized solutions according to each agency’s requirements,” added Shapira.

ATScloud is continuously looking to increase its partner network with IT service providers, and Managed Service Providers (MSP), who have experience in the government and municipal sector, and are HUB certified.

More information about the DIR’s Cooperative (Co-op) Contracts program agreement can be found here.

Benefits Associated With Cloud Services Provider To Mankind

The primary motive of cloud services provider is to enable users to reach a range of computing resources that are conveniently configurable. In simpler terms of computer science, cloud computing refers to a segment of outsourcing computerized services through third parties. Thus, such computing services enable users to easier reach to various computer services.

Cloud computing is more or less similar to the supply of electricity. Consumers can easily avail electricity supply without the stress of acquiring it directly from the source of supply. There are outsourcing companies that provide consumers with electricity supply, for which you just have to pay the periodic bills. The outsourcing of computing services also follows similar traits.

More often than not, cloud computing is based on internet services. The user is enabled to storage and computing prowess through development environments that are specially crafted for the specific purposes. As a user, you do not have to consider the internal functioning of the services. It may be said that cloud is a metaphor for the use of internet in cloud computing.

Cloud computing has established a notable position in the world of computer science. One of the greatest advantages that have been rendered by cloud services provider is the ease in availing different internet enabled services. You may easily procure computing services without engrossing in the technicalities involved with the complexities of the working of internet.

In this age of advanced technology, most of you are equipped with gadgets like laptop PCs, tablet PCs or smartphones. Thus, the reach to cloud computing is fairly easy and convenient. The functioning of cloud computing is largely focused on optimizing the efficiency of shared resources.

Cloud computing aims at providing you with maximum reach to shared resources and technologies without actually having to learn or achieve any direct knowledge related to the functioning of the technologies. Cloud computing services are provided through data centers. However, you must not confuse cloud computing with grid computing.

Cloud-Based Backup Systems Restore Critical On-Premise Information

Recovery and protection for databases and information portals are imperative aspects. These attributes primarily depend on operational assets and possibility of disasters in affecting your company’s performance. Before implementing these methods, it is essential to understand the types of risks and disasters that can occur. It can range from natural calamities or power outages for which cloud-based backup methods are necessary.

Integration of effective and prompt disaster recovery solutions is necessary. It prevents data centers and critical systems from losing crucial information. Preparing a comprehensive system recovery and data protection is fundamental. It aids in averting problematic disaster scenarios. Formulating appropriate data recovery plans will be beneficial for technicians and companies.

Reasonable protection procedures offer comprehensive details regarding involved expenses and complexities of these systems. Ensuring timely and feasible backup of independent systems is now possible. In such cases, the primary system is present in the premise. Here, end-customers or company technicians manage technical facets. Replication and de-duplication of critical information take place at different levels.

Understanding diverse facets of Recovery Point Objective and Real-Time Output is crucial. Professionals employ functional features that work independently of cloud-based backup software. These systems do not require additional appliances for incorporating on-premise backup methods. Selecting virtual machines, as per your convenience, is now possible. These attributes enable the replication of accurate data.

You can avail precise information regarding pre-allocation of computer resources. Performing these tasks can be done in a cloud-based disaster recovery environment. In case of technical glitches, connecting your affected system with these data recovery solutions will be a practical decision. Utilization of cloud technologies enables the restoration of primary sites.

Effective incorporation of recovery and backup systems will present beneficial results. It helps in protecting virtual machines for the expediency of multiple end-clients. Replication of critical information takes place at on-premise appliances. It segregates the type of systems that require extensive protection and usage of appropriate appliances.